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21 February 2012 @ 07:37 am
Skills and Supplies  
Before our little expedition sets out for the jungle, we have to choose what skills our seven dwarves will have, and what supplies they'll bring along. We'll also have to choose a name for our fortress and for the political group of dwarves that live there.

First of all, the random name generator has decided this fortress should be called Zefonzimesh, or "Fountainphantom".

It has also decided that the dwarves who live here shall henceforth be known as Tun Amud, "The Door of Thunder". These seem like fine names, so I'm going to keep them.

From here, I have 1274 points to spend on supplies and skills for the first seven dwarves.

I saved points by not bringing skilled miners - since I know there's an aquifer, I'll be digging in the dirt long enough to level them up anyhow. I also didn't bring a skilled carpenter - with all the beds, barrels, and bins I expect to be making, they'll have lots of practise. I /did/ spend the points to bring a military dwarf proficient with axes and teaching - he'll be in charge of training a militia as soon as I have bodies to put in it.

In the end I took:

two miners (untrained)
one carpenter (untrained)
one herbalist (who'll also be my woodcutter)
one axedwarf/teacher
one brewer
one proficient building designer with points in appraisal and judge of intent. She'll be my foreman early on, doing the architecture work, managing work orders and stocks, and when the caravan comes she'll be my broker.

The seven brave dwarves who set out to found this outpost, with their custom job titles:

Since it tells us which gods they all worship, here's the pantheon for our civilization:

Igath, deity: fortresses, war, earth
appears as a female dwarf

Dakas Purplemosses, deity: jewels
appears as a male dwarf

Osram, deity: wealth, mountains, volcanos
appears as a female dwarf

Mostib Dawneagle, deity: the dawn, the sun, nature, trade
appears as a female dwarf

Zaneg Relicseason the Dusk of Ivy, deity: longevity
appears as a female dwarf

Lenod Latherbudded the Amethyst of Sheens, deity: marriage, pregnancy, creation
appears as a male dwarf

Bekom, deity: fertility
appears as a male dwarf

Anriz, deity: the sky, wind
appears as a male dwarf
(Note: A quick check of history reveals Anriz has occasionally cursed people who defile his places of worship to be werecreatures or vampires)

Melist Flukelucky the Incidental Distraction, deity: games, luck
appears as a male dwarf

I spent by far the bulk of my allowance on supplies - enough food and drink to last until the autumn caravan, seeds, and a few odds and ends in case of a strange mood or medical emergency. Instead of bringing picks and axes, I brought supplies to make my own.

1 x iron anvil
7 x copper bars
3 x zinc bars
5 x charcoal
3 x rock salt

3 x skunk leather
3 x beaver leather
2 x pig tail fiber cloth
2 x cave spider silk cloth
2 x llama wool cloth

3 x prases (marquise cut)
3 x pink jades (cushion cut)

10 x cave spider silk bags
10 x cave spider silk thread

10 x plump helmet spawn
10 x pig tail seeds
10 x cave wheat seeds
10 x sweet pod seeds
10 x rock nuts

39 x various meat
8 x various fish

21 x dwarven wine
21 x dwarven ale
21 x dwarven beer
21 x dwarven rum

I also brought livestock - 4 geese, 1 gander, 2 ewes, 1 ram, 1 dog, and 1 bitch. (Besides these, the two animals that pulled my wagon were a male camel and a female water buffalo.)

With our skills and supplies in order, there's nothing left but to set off on our journey!
You Are All Mad :Dwatchcry on February 29th, 2012 12:00 am (UTC)
Ere the giant cheetahs get hungry :3