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21 February 2012 @ 08:12 am
Spring 200  
[You can see maps of the fortress uploaded for your browsing pleasure at the Dwarf Fortress Map Archive! Here's a map of Fountainphantom right after embark.]

From the journal of Lokum Paddledroots

It's hot. The further south we go, the hotter it gets. I'm beginning to miss the mountains, as we get closer to our destination - but we'll make a home for ourselves here to rival any mountain. They say it's undwarvenly to settle in a jungle, but we have everything we need right here.

The land is flat, sure, but that just means we can shape it to our needs that much more easily. There's plenty of greenery, and somewhere under all this dirt is hard stone - we just have to get to it. What kind of dwarves would we be if we didn't dig?

After a while everything starts to look the same - I called a halt at a spot that looks much like every other place in this forest, and Rith and I worked together to set up a forge. Between us we managed to bang out a couple of picks and some axes in a matter of days, so I set Momuz and Sarvesh to digging us a place to live so we can stop sleeping in the wagon. Rith took one of the axes and started attacking the local flora - soon Lor ought to have plenty of wood to work with. In the meantime we'll just have to rough it At least with the animals out of the wagon it'll smell better.


For about a week after we arrived, there was no sign of life in this jungle besides us and the bugs. Today Rith came back from chopping trees shouting about a giant bird. This I had to see for myself.

He's not wrong. And there are a lot of them.

I had Ushrir stand ready with his axe - although I'm not sure how much good an axe would be against those huge curved beaks. Luckily the giant parrots don't seem to be any more aggressive than their little cousins, and they left us alone.

While Rith was busy worrying about parrots, Momuz and Sarvesh finished digging us out a... well, it's a hole in the ground. Not a whole lot can be said for it beyond that it's indoors and it'll keep the weather off. We spent all day hauling food and drink from the wagon inside. Lor has gotten to work making us beds, and once he's done he's going to start on tables and chairs, so we don't have to sit in the dirt to eat.


After the parrots, we decided not to find out what other giant wildlife this place has in store, at least by surprise. The Miners have accordingly set out to dig a rough moat around what wishful thinking says will be our area of control.

Not that it stops the swarms of giant insects.

They don't seem to be hostile, but all we need is for something that is to show up... we'll have to work on rigging a better defense against flyers.