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21 February 2012 @ 10:56 pm
Migrant Wave 1: Summer 200  

Ustuth Graniteoil - Great Fisherdwarf, but I'm going to put him into the military.

Urvad Boltedgorges - She has a dabbling level in a bunch of military skills, and she's a fish cleaner, but I'm pretty tempted to make her our first potter so we have a husband and wife team.

Goden Copperfins - He's an Adequate Potash Maker, but more importantly an Adequate Glazier. He's also Urvad's husband.

Udib Glovegravel - He's an adequate engraver, and dabbling in a bunch of military skills, but since he's flimsy and has a two year old daughter I don't want to make him a full time soldier. I'll probably keep him an engraver.

Nish Fortressspray - Udib's wife. She comes with novice fishing skills and dabbling military skills, including kicking. For now I'm going to have her help with the woodcutting.

Momuz Spearsearched - Udib and Nish's two year old daughter. She won't do any work until she's 12, but she's kinda cute.

Udil Clodpainted - A carpenter, yaaay! I'm going to put her to work assisting Lor. She's married with children, but neither her husband nor her kids came along with her.

Bembul Voicedinked - She's a gem setter and novice marksdwarf. We're not going to be gem cutting for a while, so I'm going to make her a pick and set her to mining.