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22 February 2012 @ 01:29 am
Summer 200  
[The map as of the first day of Summer is up here.]

Work proceeds apace - we're living out of a hole in the ground while the miners work on finishing that moat, but I think the sacrifice is worth it. We've mostly seen giant insects, but there are a few animalmen who seem to be native to the area. Mostly they leave us alone. Mostly.


Eight dwarves made the trek from the mountains, arriving here on The seventh of Malachite. [Their full profiles are in the last post -L]

Two married couples - Nish the fisherdwarf and her husband Udib the engraver came with their youngest daughter Momuz. We only have murky ponds to fish from, so I've asked Nish to help Rith with cutting down trees to get them out of the way for the miners.

Urvad is a fishery worker and her husband Goden is a potash maker but knows something about glazes. We set him to burning wood into charcoal - a bit different from what he's used to, but he does it well enough. Meanwhile Urvad has been gathering clay - she thinks she might be able to make something worth trading when the caravan comes around.

Two women came without their families:

Udil is a carpenter by training, and Lor immediately drafted her as his assistant - despite the fact that I'm fairly sure she knows more about their 'trade' than he does.

Bembul is a gem setter. We do /have/ a few gems, but they're insurance against the strange moods that sometimes come. We set her up with a pick and she's been helping the miners.

Ustuth is another fisherdwarf - maybe they've been misinformed about how far it is to the coast? He's a big fellow, though, and Ushrir had Lor bang out a couple of wooden training axes. Now I can't go outdoors without tripping over the pair of them grappling on the ground, but I admit I do feel safer with the pair of them on guard.

They also brought a young donkey foal.


Earlier, I told everyone to leave one of the clutches of eggs the geese laid alone, and our patience has paid off - today there are eight little goslings flapping about after their mother. It's nice to see something alive that isn't a giant insect.

Momuz has the worst luck with insects. Earlier he was attacked by that Mothman, and Rith has just run to tell us he's locked in combat with a giant louse. Ushrir and Ustuth just set off running, hopefully he'll be all right...