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22 February 2012 @ 10:47 pm
Autumn 200  
[As always, there is a map.]

From the Journal of Lokum Paddledroots

I'm pleased to write that the Giant Louse has been dispatched. It seems Momuz managed to wound it badly enough with his pickaxe to discourage it, and it fled. Our two-man militia chased it down and finished it off.

In honour of their triumph, or something, they've asked to be called "Hunter" and "Bar" from now on. It seems strange, but I'm hardly going to argue with them.

Momuz is bruised but fine, and it turns out there's pretty good eating on a giant louse. Udib is grumpy because I asked him to look after butchering it - we haven't even dug deep enough to hit stone, I'm not sure what use he thinks an engraver is going to be.

10 Limestone

The pair of dogs we brought with us has produced a single puppy. Sweet little thing, too.

16 Limestone

A flock of giant lorikeets has been fluttering around. They're certainly colourful creatures. Aren't there any ordinary animals around here?

18 Limestone

More migrants from the mountainhome. Two married couples - Ustuth and Sarvesh and their children Eris and Atir. Cerol and Mestthos are actually the parents of Goden the glazier, and they brought his little sister Kadol.

We don't need two engravers - we hardly need one - so I've asked Ustuth to consider a career in farming. Not that we have space for a farm. Sarvesh seems sensible and levelheaded - I'm teaching him to take over some of the production management work, now that we've got so many people here.

Cerol came in talking about bees, and went off to talk to her son's wife about ceramic hives before I had a chance to talk to her. Oh well.

The extra people around are certainly welcome, but they've put a significant dent in our alcohol stockpile. Since the moat is finished enough to provide some defense, I've asked the miners to work on expanding our living area and dig out room for a farm. Mestthos has offered to help with that, so he's joined the miners.

This place is starting to get cramped. At least we aren't lonesome.


2 Sandstone

There's enough room on the new lower level for us to set up a farm plot. Soon we'll be making our own Plump Helmet wine.


4 Sandstone
Worried parents in my office, today. Well, the table where I work, "office" is too glamourous a term, really. Little Momuz Spearsearched, Nish and Udib's two year old daughter, has gone strange.

She took over the old craftsdwarf's workshop and started shouting at anyone who walked by that she wanted "body parts". They say that a dwarf in a mood like this can go mad with frustration if their demands aren't met.

I've told Udib to butcher that mule and see if that will satisfy her. This time he didn't complain.

6 Sandstone

As soon as we told Momuz that the mule had been killed, she raced from the old workshop, snatched up half the mule's rib cage, and dragged it all the way back to the craft workshop. That seems to be all she wanted, thank the gods.

A giant tick has been crawling around over where the woodcutters have been working, upsetting people. I've told them to ignore it - it's giant, but it's not as though it's terribly fast moving, it should be easy enough to avoid.

11 Sandstone

Little Momuz has finally come out of her workshop. Sitting in the middle of the empty workshop, we found a bone chest, with workmanship like I've never seen. Momuz calls it Rinulag, "The Intense Daub".

26 Sandstone

I don't know how it happened.

Bar found Hunter's body today, over near the moat where the woodcutters were working. Did he go there to help with hauling the wood? To try to deal with that giant tick? Whatever he was doing there, the Giant Tick has killed him.

[Linnet's Note: He shouldn't have been hauling wood - he had that job turned off. I don't know what he was doing over there, I wasn't watching until the combat reports started popping up.]

Bar won't see reason. He's declared himself militia commander in Hunter's place, and drafted all of the woodcutters and miners to go after the thing. He's even named it - Purgedpalms the Giant Tick.

[LN: Okay, /I/ drafted them. He really did become Militia Commander and name the tick, though.]

While they're out hunting monsters, it's up to those of us who stayed at home to see to burying the body. We can't dig deep enough to bury Hunter in stone - the aquifer is in the way. I hope he'll forgive us for only being able to provide a wooden casket in the dirt.

1 Timber

Purgedpalms the giant tick has gone too far to chase after. Surely even Bar won't go that far from the fortress.

[LN: It ran off the map :(]

5 Timber

Gods. I hate to have to write this. On his way back, it seems Bar did something to attract the notice of one of the Giant Lorikeets that have been fluttering around. It attacked him, or he attacked it, or... somehow they ended up fighting.

When we found him, he was unconscious. His right arm was ripped open, his left hip seems to be broken, and his left foot is just...gone. There was blood everywhere. We've brought him to bed, but he needs a doctor. We don't have a doctor.

Someone has to figure out what to do.

Everyone's looking at me.

15 Timber

The first I knew about the traders arriving was when someone I didn't know came down to the dormitory/infirmary where I've been looking after Bar - said he was our liason to home.

[LN: In the square room, Lokum is the purple happy face in the middle of the zeroes, which are beds. You can't see Bar because he's in the same tile she is. The @ is our outpost liason, patiently waiting for her to finish suturing Bar so they can have a meeting. The other purple happy face is Sarvesh, our new manager.]

Bar's awake now. I've done the best I can - stitched him up, and bandaged his hip so it won't move. It's going to need to be immobilized if it's ever going to heal right. He's never going to be able to walk without a crutch.

There's not much else I can do for him, so I went up to oversee the trading.

We traded earthenware trinkets, and got some food, some booze, a few gems, and a bit of metal. I asked the liason to bring steel for making weapons and armor next year, if he can get it. If Bar pulls through this, I'm sure he'll be pleased.