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24 February 2012 @ 02:19 pm
Winter 200  
[As always, there is a map

From the Journal of Lokum Paddledroots

Winter 200

Winter has been quiet, which is pleasant after the excitement of autumn.

Our Liason to the Mountainhomes had a few suggestions about what we ought to produce next year. Crossbows for hunting, meat and cheese... it seems like things at home are only getting worse.

The miners have been hard at work expanding the moat to the dimensions I envisioned. We've engraved a slab and put it over Hunter's grave.

The inscription reads:

In memory of Hunter Idashzas
born 133
bled to death, slain by the giant tick Purgedpalms in the year 200
Militia Commander of the Door of Thunder in 200
Friend of reindeer.

Once Bar got a crutch, he immediately hopped out of bed and went back to his training. It's sad, seeing him work so hard all alone. I suppose we all have to deal with our own grief.

On the 28th of Obsidian, so close to the beginning of the new year, Momuz came running to me. He and Sarvesh have been growing closer over the winter months, and the pair of them are the fastest miners I've ever seen, picks flying through the soil. It makes one proud to be a dwarf.

Apparently, though, she'd gone very strange and left off digging in the middle of a job.

We found her in the mason's workshop, shouting for rock. We only brought three stones with us on embark, and we used one to build Hunter's memorial. We had to deconstruct the kiln to get her enough stone to satisfy her - luckily we could rebuild it with clay bricks.

She took that and some cloth and set to work frantically. Now there's only one piece of stone that isn't used. I hope no one else demands stone before we break the aquifer.